Here’s the Whole Truth on Whole-Grain White Bread

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When most of us hear the word “white” associated with bread, images of processed and refined slices of doughy bread that have been stripped of their nutrients and fiber pop into our heads.  Therefore, when we read nutrition labels that claim “whole-grain white bread” we are stumped by the perceived oxymoron.  Whole-grain white bread products are on the rise everywhere, boasting nutritional superiority over traditional white bread foods.  But, isn’t whole-grain white bread still just white bread no matter how you slice it? No…. read more.


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Sweet and Savory Saturday – Spoon Bread

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Spoon Bread is a southern favorite.

I was first introduced to the concept of spoon bread when we took a family vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia.  We ate atChristiana Campbell’s Tavern which is known for its delicious spoon bread.  Spoon bread is a type of corn bread that has a pudding-like consistency.  As the name depicts, spoon bread is typically eaten with a spoon.  Traditionally, spoon bread is served with butter and contains no sugar.  Over the years, makers of this dish have imparted their own variations to the recipe and so ingredients running the gamut from bacon to fresh fruit have found their way into its creation.  When I returned home from our trip, I decided to attempt to put my own signature on this dish.  I chose to make it a bit on the sweet side and added sugar.  Here is the recipe for my version this southern favorite… read more.

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Sea Salt versus Table Salt, Is There a Difference?

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The use of sea salt is becoming more popular these days, its presence can be found in savory and sweet dishes alike. Some tout it to be a healthier alternative to regular table salt, stating that it offers more trace minerals and a “saltier” taste per teaspoon -thus reducing the amount needed in cooking to add flavor.  But is there really a difference between the two types or should this proclamation be taken with a “grain of salt”?  Read more.

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Are Freeze-dried Fruits Healthy?


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 Until recently, I never thought of freeze-dried fruits as a good source of nutrients.  I viewed them more as “filler” items that were used to make the product look healthy and nutritious.  But, the reality is, despite being light in mass, freeze-dried fruits are heavy weights in antioxidant power and are a souce of fiber.  According to the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), freeze-dried fruits contain ….read more.


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Mini Sunflower Seed Butter Pita Pockets


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School is just around the corner and now is a good time to start thinking about what you can pack for school lunches.  Many schools have become peanut/tree nut free, making peanut butter a “no-no” to send.  But, your child can still enjoy an equally tasty and satisfying substitute to yesteryear’s school lunch staple – the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Suitable peanut butter stand-ins include soy nut and sunflower seed butters.  They offer creaminess and a nutty flavor that will win over even the pickiest of eater’s taste buds.  Today’s recipe highlights the use of sunflower seed butter.  It is sweetened with a dash of cinnamon and a few raisins and then scooped into mini whole wheat pita pockets…read more.

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The Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

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The answer to weight loss may be hidden in your desk drawer….. read more.

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Learn Nutrition Label Lingo

Need a little help deciphering the true meaning of claims found on food labels? What do claims such as “lite,” “reduced,” “low,” and “free” mean? Check out the guide below for a quick lesson on nutrition label lingo… read more.

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