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As you might have heard, the issue of obesity, specifically as it relates to children, is making headlines.  Recent statistics suggest that one third of American children are overweight. First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign is attempting to address this issue, and America’s “obesity crisis” is one that affects nearly all cities and neighborhoods.  The goal of this blog is to offer a  discussion forum on the topic of “healthy eating” .  We have created this online, interactive forum where participants discuss their experiences with healthy eating, tips and tricks, why it is important, etc, especially around feeding families.   Several mommy bloggers and nutrition bloggers have joined us in this group to promote the health and food cause.

Health and Food Forum is sponsored by PICKKA, a tech company that is offering solutions to help get Americans to “eat healthy.”   Basically PICKKA’s goal is to give people  practical tools with which they can select, buy and eat healthy food.  The recently launched product, Shop to Lose, was announced March 30. Consumers are able, with a few taps on their iPhone in the grocery store aisle, to select specific foods for all members of their family.  Shop to Lose’s recommendations take into account a person’s weight loss plan, diet needs, and health conditions (obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc). It’s a great tool to help you shop and keep “healthy” foods in your pantry for everyone in your family while taking into consideration their personal dietary needs.

For more information about the PICKKA Shop to Lose app for the iPhone, go to



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