Earth Day Green Eating Tips

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!  How can you celebrate with eco-friendly eating?

  • Buy local. It will cut down on fossil fuels consumed by delivery trucks and reduce the costs of transporting products over great distances.
  • Eat less meat and more plant-based meals. Raising animals for meat requires more water and energy than it does to grow grain.  And, according to a report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, livestock generate more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation, accounting for a whopping 18%!
  • Plant your own organic garden. You can’t get more locally grown than that!  Plant your favorites and you are more likely to eat them, cutting down on food waste.
  • Compost. Give back to Mother Earth what she produced by composting your food waste.  It is an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to feed your plants.
  • Use your “Shop to Lose” app to make your grocery list and conserve paper!

Mommy Tip:  “Renew, Reuse, and Recylce” your kids’ old toy storage unit that they have outgrown – turn it into a school lunch pantry.  Designate each bin to contain a different nonperishable, nutritious food item that is “Mom Approved.”  When your kids pack their school lunches for the day, they can grab what they need from the bins.

"Renew, Reuse, and Recycle" an old toy storage unit by turning it into a school lunch pantry.

Do you have a great idea for eating green?  Share your tips, we want to know!




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5 responses to “Earth Day Green Eating Tips

  1. Bonnie

    Not everyone has extra money or technology gadgets. However, we can visit a farmer’s market and research our local growers. Thanks for this article as it has me thinking about finding out more about local and seasonal healthy produce.

  2. Kim

    I love the tip: plant your own garden. You can’t get more locally grown than that. So true! The bins are a great idea too.

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  4. carol

    If you’re looking for an important topic, may I recommend choosing low-sodium or sodium free foods. I find it shocking that most foods contain such high levels of sodium. We are giving up all canned foods because of the sodium content. It won’t be easy for us because it is so easy to grab a can of soup or vegetables, etc., but we are committed to cutting down our sodium content. Any tips from you would be a great help. Thanks

    • If convenience is an issue, choose frozen vegetables for a quick side dish. Or, choose canned vegetables and soups that do not contain any added salt or that are low in sodium. When using canned goods, drain and rinse to remove some of the sodium. You can also plan one day to make homemade soup and then freeze it in small batches for future meals.

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