“Good Health” by Gerda Endemann, Ph.D., Nutrition Education

Which sounds more appealing?  “I can’t eat anything” or “I deserve nutrient-rich foods”?

Is your goal to have good health and to look and feel your best?  Then focus on that instead of worrying about your weight.  Obsessing about what you cannot eat isn’t a great strategy in the long run.  Instead, think about helpful and easy things you can do to kick-start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

For example, I estimate that 15-30% of women could increase their energy level and strength by taking the right iron supplements and/or eating the proper iron-rich foods.  Once you have more energy, you will be able to look forward to exercise – without thinking of it as a chore. In fact, you might even find yourself looking for ways to become more active!

A great first step is to start going to local farmer’s markets to find fresh, nutrient-dense and antioxidant-rich ingredients to make fantastic salads and soups for yourself.  Once you’re more active and prepare your own healthy foods, you probably will lose weight.  But even more important, regardless of your weight, you will increase your chances of living a long, healthy life.  For more information, visit my blog (http://healthyfat.blogspot.com/) and my website (http://www.healthyfat.com/).

About the Author:

Gerda Endemann, Ph.D., is a Nutrition Educator with a practice based in Palo Alto, CA.  She received her undergraduate educational training at U.C. Berkeley in Nutrition & Dietetics and her doctorate degree in Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism at M.I.T.  Dr. Endemann is the author of numerous publications based on research she conducted on fat nutrition, cholesterol metabolism, heart disease, and cancer at such prestigious institutions as Stanford, Harvard, Brandies, and M.I.T..  In addition to offering personal consultations, Dr. Endemann is a course instructor at Stanford University and Foothill College.  She also provides seminars for corporations, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations.  The Health and Food Forum’s Blog is pleased to have Dr. Endemann as a member of our community.



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