Home Style Fast Food

Make your own healthy version of a fast food meal.

Have you decided that you and your family need to cut back on the number of meals you eat from fast food restaurants?  Your good intentions might be met with strong protests from the youngest members of your family, especially if they are big fans of the enticing kid’s meals offered at these chains.  But, you can make this transition a little easier on all of you by making your own fast food meal – home style.

The idea is to make the healthy change in diet fun for your child.  You can do this by designating one night each week as “Make Our Own Fast Food Meal.”  You can give your child’s favorite fast food meal a nutrition makeover if you prepare and cook it yourself.  For instance, if chicken nuggets and fries are the number one choice, you can purchase lean chicken tender strips from your local butcher, dip them in egg whites, coat with bread crumbs, season, and then bake in the oven.  French fries can be transformed into oven baked fries.  Cut potatoes into strips, coat with nonstick cooking spray, season, and bake in the oven.

While you are cooking, have your child design and decorate his own kid’s meal box.  A carry-out box that can be purchased from your local arts and crafts store is perfect for this activity.  The child can use stickers and draw his own games (e.g., tic-tac-toe, etc.,) on the sides.  To add to the fun, you can purchase a toy from the dollar store to place inside your child’s homemade kid’s meal box.

Your child will have fun making his own kid's meal box.

Increasing the number of meals made at home, where you can control the fat, salt, and sugar content, is a great step toward living a healthy lifestyle.  Engage your child in this decision by making the change fun and adventurous.  As a result, you may find that your child starts to offer his own suggestions on how to eat healthier.

Do you have a clever idea that has helped your family make the switch to healthy eating more enjoyable? Be the first to comment below!  We want to hear what you have to say!



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  1. What a neat idea! I’ll definitely be doing this once I have kids of my own. For now, this is perfect for cousins! Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

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