“Food Then and Now” by Laura Heuer

Cookie - Or Pancake? Portion sizes of common treats have greatly increased over the last few decades.

Food Has Changed

When you look back do you remember that eating and drinking was different? I do. I remember water was my choice drink. My kids have energy drinks (soft drinks advertised as boosting energy), vitamin water (Aquafina Flavor Splash, Dasani flavored water, Fruit 2o Essentials, Propel, Sobe Life Water, Agave Lemonade, VitaminWater, to name a few), smoothies, tea, and so much more.

I was just telling my kids the other day that when I was in high school I bumped into one of the cross country runners at McDonalds drinking the Large soda. I was amazed he could drink soooo much! Looking back, that drink is now the McDonalds small drink, which it seems everyone drinks (if not the medium).

So not only are there more choices for my kids, the portions are larger!

This has not just happened with drinks, but with candy bars, tollhouse cookies (yes! they altered the recipe to make fewer cookies meaning larger ones) pizza slices, coffee has gone up in ounces per serving, and most all portions are now larger then ever. Check out divine caroline for more pictures and insight.

So now that we know that the choices are more, the portions are bigger, here is the next item – the amount of preservatives and additives have gone crazy!

Examples: Hershey’s Chocolate is not what it used to be. Do you taste the difference? I used to love Hershey.  Now I don’t eat it so much and I was not ever sure why; it just is not so satisfying any longer. But now I found out that the recipe has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I eat my chocolate, but I prefer a dark organic bar with all natural ingredients. Candy Blog http://www.candyblog.net/blog/item/rising_cost_of_candy/

What does all this mean and why should we care?

Obesity rates have tripled with American kids aged 12-19 since 1980. One third of America’s children are overweight or obese. There is so much information available online and in the news that it can get exhausting.  Do we really need to do something?

I think as parents the answer is easy, of course we need to do something! But what are the answers? That is the part that may not be so easy:  Or is it? One step or one thing at a time is what I think I will do and see what happens.

Jamie Oliver is trying to revolutionize America’s eating habits. Will this work, can this be done? I for one would like to think it can. How though? Just like David Letterman said, with 160 types of cookies what hope do you have? One family at a time that is how.

Let’s Move

First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative and the fight against childhood obesity has been created to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation.

I was able to be part of an online discussion forum: Kids’ Obesity and Healthy Eating/Nutrition and Health. During this panel discussion we reviewed new technologies that can help us, as moms, make wiser choices in our family diet. Piccka Shop to Lose iPhone app helps us to see what are the best food choices in a chosen category or restaurant.

As a Mom I am ready to see some changes. I would love to see healthier lunches available at school, no preservatives lurking in food, no hidden additives in drinks and no funny gimmicks like “no fat” or ”no sugar” which basically translates to chemically altered food. But, bottom line, I am responsible for what goes in my body and my children’s bodies. If I buy it they will probably eat it. So I would love a technology to help make good food choices especially when the idea of knowing what is good and what is not has gotten so fuzzy.

What kind of changes would you like to see? Would you like for the world to go back to natural food, organically grown? How about more Whole Foods type stores so that these stores will have to get competitive and drop prices? You gotta love how one man changed McDonalds with his documentary.  What can a whole bunch of moms do?

About the Author

Laura and her husband have three very active teenage boys. She has an entrepreneurial spirit that led her to the creation of Jakoter Health Organizers. Now with a love to be on the Internet, write; fiddle with gadgets and use technology that make life easier you will find her creations and services on MomTechnology.com.




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3 responses to ““Food Then and Now” by Laura Heuer

  1. caroleesperry

    I know I shop “healthier” if I’m not hungry when I go, and if I leave the kids home.

    My kids love fruit, so I lucked out there.

    Although fruit can be expensive, usually kids are satisfied for a while with 1 apple or one plum, etc…instead of 10 cookies.

    Maybe they should make coupons for fruit like they do for cookies- bet more people would buy it.

    • Hi Carolee! You bring up some very good points. It is best to not grocery shop when you are hungry and to not take the kids with you when you go. I love your idea of coupons for fruit and vegetables. Another idea to help with expense, families can also consider growing their own garden. Doing so has so many benefits from cost-effectiveness to controlling how it is grown (e.g., you can avoid using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers if you do it yourself). The HFF’s blog will be doing a post on how to start your own fruit/veggie garden soon, so be sure to come back and check it out! Have a good day!

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