Putting it on the Plate with PICKKA

Welcome to the first Putting it on the Plate with PICKKA posting here at the Health and Food Forum’s Blog.  As a new regular feature, Putting it on the Plate with PICKKA will show you how easy it is to put a healthy meal on the table by using Evincii/PICKKA’s Eat This? and Shop to Lose apps for the iPhone.  A question that I am often asked is “Can a healthy diet include prepackaged foods?”  Yes, when the right choices are made.  This answer, I realize, may sound as if a lot of work and time is involved in order to decipher the nutrition labels; however, the “Eat This?” and “Shop to Lose” apps take the frustration out of the decision making process for you.  Both apps allow you to enter your health goals, then they do the work to find the right products for you.

Recently, I used my “Eat This?” app to help me find healthy, prepackaged foods that would allow me to provide a quick, nutritious meal for my family.  Time has been short these last few weeks and will be until the school year has ended for my children.  Therefore, I need to be able to prepare fast dinners without cutting short on health.  Here is how the “Eat This?” app helped me:

I entered my objectives (healthy eating, weight management, pre-diabetes, and high blood pressure).  Then, I started scanning products.  Based on the results from “Eat This?”, I was able to find products that mostly fell within the “Very Good Choice” range – in fact, I even got a “bravo” from my “Eat This?” app which made me quite happy.  What meal did I prepare?  Low-fat pierogies topped with low-fat sour cream and fat-free cheddar cheese with a side of mixed vegetables.  And, because I bought prepackaged and frozen foods, I was able to prepare the meal in under 20 minutes.

The "Eat This?" app for the iPhone helped me find healthy prepackaged and frozen foods to make a quick, nutritious meal.

Are you interested in learning more about these apps?  Click the respective links to start your healthy shopping adventure today:

How do you prepare quick and healthy meals for yourself or your family?  Share with us, we want to know!




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  2. That is pretty cool!

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