Health and Food Forum’s Blog Update

The Health and Food Forum’s Blog is growing.  I am happy to announce that we have a few new members to add to our blog family.  First, I would like to introduce Gerda Endemann, Ph.D., who is a Nutrition Educator.  Her goal is to increase the awareness that healthy eating can be enjoyable and rewarding.  She contributed a post, “Good Health,” to the Health and Food Forum’s blog on May 5, 2010.  You can find her blogging for her personal blog at HealthyFat.

Next, I would like to introduce Carolee Sperry whose advice has led to some of the user-friendly features added to the HFF’s Blog (e.g., “Share/Save” button).  You can seek her advice about improvements to your blog at Blogging 4 You.  She also blogs about homeschooling and family happenings at Working in My Jammies and Loving It!

Another new member to the HFF’s Blog is Maggie D. Caldwell.  Besides being a “chef/meal planner for her family”, she is a writer and photographer.  You can find her blogging at Life in a Skillet where she discusses her insights on “family, memory, culture, and nature.”  I think that you will find her insights to be quite thought provoking and will have you coming back for more.

Caryn Bailey is one of our newest members – a blogger whose passions are “health, fitness, and all things green.”  She has shared her insights regarding Evincii/PICKKA’s “Eat This?” app on her personal blog.  You can find her sentiments at RockinMama and at her newest blog-to-be RaisingGenGreen.

Sabine Schoepke of “Lots of Little Blessings – The Blog” is the most recent edition to the HFF’s Blog.  She recently has embarked on a renewed health and fitness journey.  Having high aspirations to promote the well-being of her family, she is enthusiastic about sharing her experiences and lessons learned during this life-long adventure.

We still have room here at the HFF’s blog for new members.  If you have a shared interest in promoting the health and well-being of others and would like to join us in our efforts to help families live a healthier life, please contact us at



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