Obesity rates in the United States have reached epidemic proportions, particularly for our nation’s children.  The current obesity trend has negative health and economic consequences for us all.  The younger generation may be the first to live shorter life spans, and in poorer health, than their parents.  Chronic health conditions often linked to obesity – such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease – are costing the United States in excess of $870 billion a year.  Action, by all sectors of our society, must be taken to combat this epidemic and its ill effects on our nation’s health and prosperity.

First Lady, Michele Obama has taken a step to promote the health of our nation by launching the Let’s Move initiative which addresses childhood obesity.   Her goal is to fight childhood obesity in a generation.  As a result, the FDA is cracking down on food manufacturer’s misleading nutrition labeling and many food manufacturers and restaurants are becoming proactive in improving the nutrition value of their products.

While those efforts are encouraging, we believe they need to be complimented by a “grass roots” effort to help people improve the healthfulness of the food they eat.  Citizens from all public and private sectors ranging from parents to teachers and health professionals to corporation owners need to be equiped with the knowledge and the tools necessary to easily incorporate nutritious eating into their daily life for overall improved health.  The Health and Food Forum’s Blog (HFF’s Blog) will be spearheading this effort by providing a forum for sharing ideas, increasing awareness, and launching initiatives.

This effort is sponsored by PICKKA, a search technology company dedicated to the vision of improving the consumption of healthful food and provider of the “Shop to Lose,” “Eat This?,” and “Eat What?,”  iPhone apps. A number of bloggers who share this vision have contributed their input into the development of the Health and Food Forum’s Blog.  Original articles from subject matter experts and relevant articles from a variety of sources will be presented on a daily basis to provoke thoughts and insights. In addition to sharing views, webinars will be conducted by relevant experts from time to time, as well as ongoing updates on the progress of PICKKA and its health apps.

The Health and Food Forum’s Blog hopes to become a voice of notoriety to the various entities and initiatives addressing the obesity issue.  You are invited to read, contribute to, and share what is here with all who you feel can benefit from it and can help the cause of combating obesity and its associated diseases.  You can become actively involved in the HFF’s Blog by joining one of our many groups (or start a new one of your own) and sharing your successes and challenges of leading a healthy lifestyle.


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