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Eating Green While Making the Green: Tips for Sustainable Meals at Work

Eating nutritiously at work is difficult in and of itself, considering the myriad of temptations commonly present at the workplace, such as vending machines, cakes for birthday celebrations of co-workers, baked-goods brought in by thankful clients, etc,.  Trying to eat “green” in this setting can be an even greater challenge.  But, it is possible with a little effort, planning, and support from like-minded coworkers.  Consider these points as you follow the “greener” path to eating.

  • Eat seasonal. Prepare snacks and lunches for work using produce that is in season in your region.  Not only will it taste better but, by so doing, you will reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting these goods cross-country.
  • Have a share from a local Community Supported Agriculture program delivered to the office.  Ask your employer to offer this option as part of the meals served in the cafeteria or find coworkers who will split the share with you and help to prepare a “family-style” lunch.
  • Eat organic.  Because no synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are used in organic farming, it is more eco-friendly than conventional methods.  If expense is an issue, try eating organic meals at work just once a week or as often as you can.
  • Pack fruits and vegetables grown from your own garden for snacks and lunches.  Better yet, bring in “extras” from your bounty and leave in the conference room for yourself and co-workers to snack on during meetings.
  • Pack snacks and lunches made up of “Fair Trade” products.  When local is not an option, look for products from a fair-trade organization.  These businesses promote sustainable agriculture and promise to pay a fair price to farmers, usually from rural and under-served communities.  Products from these companies will be labeled “Fair Trade.”

How do you “eat green” while at work?  Share with us, we want to know!


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