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Sea Salt versus Table Salt, Is There a Difference?

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The use of sea salt is becoming more popular these days, its presence can be found in savory and sweet dishes alike. Some tout it to be a healthier alternative to regular table salt, stating that it offers more trace minerals and a “saltier” taste per teaspoon -thus reducing the amount needed in cooking to add flavor.  But is there really a difference between the two types or should this proclamation be taken with a “grain of salt”?  Read more.


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Navigating the University Eating Scene: Nutrition Tips for College Students

Often the first real taste of independence for many students, college life can prove to challenge adherence to healthy lifestyle habits.  Heavy course loads, long study sessions, and early morning and late night classes can make it difficult for college students to eat regularly and to follow a nutritious diet.  Further adding to the challenge are the numerous venues readily accessible to college students for “round the clock” eating – of which often serve foods high in fat, sugar, sodium, and calories.  Maintaining a balanced diet will help college students to maximize cognitive performance, control body weight, and improve overall wellbeing.

Poor eating habits need not take root in the college years.  Here are some practical tips that college students can use to promote healthy eating:  Read More.

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