Foods To Pack For Your Camping Trip

Are you planning an end-of-the-summer camping trip?  Meal choices and preparation can prove to be a challenge while camping, especially with children in tow.  A little planning beforehand will……. read more.


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Sweet and Savory Saturday – Rich Chocolate Tofu Mousse



Welcome to Sweet and Savory Saturday here at the Health and Food Forum’s Blog.  Today’s recipe of choice is a rich, creamy chocolate mousse made with tofu.  It can be served plain, with fresh fruit, or as a parfait with crushed vanilla wafers and cinnamon chips as shown above.  Tofu (soybean curd) is a healthy alternative to using heavy cream and eggs.  It is a good source of protein and healthy fats; and, it has been shown to improve cholesterol levels and to protect against heart disease and certain cancers – who knew health could taste so good!  Click here for recipe.

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Navigating the University Eating Scene: Nutrition Tips for College Students

Often the first real taste of independence for many students, college life can prove to challenge adherence to healthy lifestyle habits.  Heavy course loads, long study sessions, and early morning and late night classes can make it difficult for college students to eat regularly and to follow a nutritious diet.  Further adding to the challenge are the numerous venues readily accessible to college students for “round the clock” eating – of which often serve foods high in fat, sugar, sodium, and calories.  Maintaining a balanced diet will help college students to maximize cognitive performance, control body weight, and improve overall wellbeing.

Poor eating habits need not take root in the college years.  Here are some practical tips that college students can use to promote healthy eating:  Read More.

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A Bento Can Help You Make Healthy School Lunches


A bento is a boxed lunch that originated in Japan.  Its presentation has evolved over time.  Today, a bento typically consists of a larger box that holds smaller containers (with or without lids) of various sizes.  Using a bento provides you with many health benefits…… more.

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Putting it on the Plate – Lemon Coconut Creams


Are you looking for the perfect summer drink to serve at your next social gathering?  Try these sweet and tangy Lemon Coconut Creams.  Perfect for an elegant bridal shower or backyard pool party, you can’t go wrong with this icy drink.  ….Read more.

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Diet and ADHD

Is the “Western” diet serving up ill behavior in adolescents?  Yes, according to a recent Australian study published online in the Journal of Attention Disorders.  Investigators studied the relationship between dietary patterns and the rate of diagnosis for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adolescent subjects whor are participants in the on-going Raine Study (a prospective investigation that has been following 2,868 live births since 1989).  Researchers analyzed…. read more.


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Dieters Beware

A nearly 60 billion dollar industry, the diet market is full of plans, programs, supplements, and foods that boast weight loss results.  Our society’s obsession with attaining the “perfect” body, along with an increased awareness that nearly 2/3 of us or either overweight or obese, have put us into a state of desperation to “battle the bulge” – a situation that makes it all too easy for scam artists to pass off their weight-loss product as the “end all.”  But how can you tell when the intention of a diet plan or product is to only make your pocket book thinner and not your belt line?  The…. read more.


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