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Sweet and Savory Saturday – Carob Chip Cookies



 Welcome to Sweet and Savory Saturday here at the Health and Food Forum’s Blog.  The key ingredient in today’s cookie recipe is carob.  Carob comes from the fruit pod of the Ceratonia siliqua tree found in the Mediterranean.  It has the taste of chocolate and is frequently used as a substitute by individuals who are allergic to chocolate.  It is naturally sweet, contains no caffeine, and is relatively low in fat.  It contains twice the amount of calcium than cocoa and it is a source of protein and fiber; thus, it is a healthy alternative to chocolate.  Carob chips can be found in health and whole food stores.  Because carob is naturally sweet, you will want to use less sugar when using it for baked goods.  Also, it has a milder taste than chocolate, so you will want to rely on…. Read More




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