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Sustainable Mother’s Day Gifts

Don’t forget about Mother Earth this Mother’s Day when you are deciding upon which gifts to give to the moms in your life!  Choose healthy, eco-friendly presents that will show you care for years to come.  Consider these green options that give the gift of health:

  • Buy the mom in your life a share from the local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Your mom will be sure to enjoy the nutritious seasonal produce delivered to her door fresh from the farm with this option.  Visit Local Harvest to find a CSA nearby.
  • Rent a plot at the local Community Garden.  A great gift for the gardening mom with a small yard or no yard of her own.  Increase the benefits of this gift by offering to spend quality time with your mother as you both flex your green thumbs cultivating your space for your personal organic garden.  To learn more about community gardens visit the American Community Gardening Association.
  • Give a fruit-bearing tree.  Apple, cherry, and peach trees are just a few of the choices for a gift that will not only provide your mom with a bit of nutrition from their flavonoid-loaded delectables, but may also get you a tasty homemade pie in return!
  • A homemade meal made with all-natural and organic ingredients.  Dads grab your kids and hit the local farmer’s market to whip up a meal that the mom in your life won’t forget.
  • Make reservations at a sustainable restaurant this Mother’s Day.  Don’t have time or the know-how to cook the meal yourself?  Mom will enjoy a meal at one of these dining destinations.  These restaurants are committed to serving meals prepared from local and/or sustainable farms.  To  find a restaurant near you visit the Eat Well Guide website.



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